The great thing about curling is that it’s a game for all ages and abilities.

If you have a bad back, knees, are in a wheelchair, or just don’t feel comfortable trying to slide up and down the ice, it doesn’t matter. You can still curl!

The Canadian Stick Curling Association has put together a set of rules designed exclusively for stick curlers. While the game looks a bit different, it’s more fast-paced and gives curlers the chance to throw more stones.

Teams are made up of two curlers, positioned at opposite ends of the rink. Each end, one team member throws six stones while the other skips in the house. Their roles switch after each end. There’s no sweeping allowed between the hog lines, and players are not permitted to cross centre ice.

Games are six ends. By the end of it, each player has thrown 18 stones compared to 16 in a traditional game.

The Wilberforce Curling Club is proud to offer a stick curling league. We have all the necessary equipment (sticks and brooms) for stick curlers to come out and enjoy themselves playing the game we all love.

For more information on stick curling, visit or download the rules of play here.